Renegades Of Bump

Renegades Of Bump is a community of alternative musicians and art supporters, founded in Lithuania but living everywhere, where an idea of independent music is valued. We exist to promote good sound and visual ideas and if you feel the same way, you are more than welcome to join us because there is a lot of work to be done in trying to bring all good independent and so called underground artists to the public eye.

Ritmo Kovos : Baltic Open Beatmakers Challenge

ATTENTION ALL BEATMAKERS, wherever you are, keep an ear to the ground because this summer is going to be banging.

All eyes will be on Lithuania from the 10th till the 13th of August and you have an exclusive chance to take part in this event.

Renegades Of Bump, the pioneers of lithuanian beatmaking are organising an international challenge during the most successful baltic festival - Satta Outside

We are seeking producers who are willing to showcase their beatmaking skills to a live audience of ten thousand people.


You will be placed at the festival’s main stage to represent your country and you will battle for the crowd’s attention during the SHOWDOWN round. 8 selected finalists will carry on to the DEATHMATCH where they will perform in random order in front of three judges: Cid Rim, Renegades Of Bump and most importantly the crowd. The last man standing is declared the winner.

We can cover half of the traveling expenses, full accommodation and food plus drinks during your stay.
Every beat fighter will get a chance to perform his live set on the next day after the main eventĀ on a smaller stageĀ and will also receive a nice gift package courtesy of Renegades of Bump


Every beatmaker/participant has to produce an exclusive beat that samples the track provided below in order to get to the SHOWDOWN of the first playoff round.

2. The event consists of two parts.

THE SHOWDOWN : Every participant has to prepare a 7 minute set to showcase his own production. The set has to contain the exclusive beat created with the sample provided plus any other 2-3 tracks.

Every duel consists of 2 rounds, 2 minutes each (2-3 rounds for finals). You are allowed to perform more than one beat per battle but you’ll have to cut straight to the chase if you want to win. Please do not use full acapella samples on top of your beats. You are allowed to use ad-libs or nicely chopped hooks. Respect your opponent, but get as wild as you can. Performing LIVE is more than welcome!

Your applications containing your full personal information, short bio, an audio (or video) showcase reel and the exclusive beat you have created with the sample provided here, are more than welcome untill July 8 at (Renegades Of Bump)